Prof. Leon L. Shaw's Group


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Current Research Group

  • Maziar Ashuri – PhD, Senior Research Associate, 
  • Changlong Chen - PhD student,
  • Chris Passolano - PhD student,
  • Mei Luo - PhD student,
  • Ziyong Wang - PhD student,
  • Bingyu Liu - PhD student,
  • Andressa Prado - MS student,
  • Vignyatha Reddy Tatagari - MS student,

Recent Graduates

  • Dr. Zhenguo (Gary) Yang – PhD 1999, now at UniEnergy Technologies, Mukilteo, WA. 
  • Dr. Lianchao (Richard) Sun – PhD 2000, now at Angstrom Sun Technologies, Inc., Acton, MA.
  • Dr. Zhigang Ban – MS 2001, now at First Solar Inc., Perrysburg, OH.
  • Dr. Daniel Goberman – PhD 2002, now at United Technologies Research Center, East Hartford, CT.
  • Dr. Xiaoxuan (Shawn) Li – PhD 2004, now at the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI), Center for Laser Applications (CLA).
  • Dr. Kun Dai – PhD 2005, now at Quality Engineering & Software Technology (QuEST), East Hartford, CT.
  • Dr. Juan C. Villegas – PhD 2005, now at Intel Corporation, Chandler, Arizona.
  • Ms. Mandy Wu – MS 2005, now at Giner, Inc., Newton, MA.
  • Dr. Hong Luo – PhD 2005, now at Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Oregon.
  • Dr. Jiwen Wang – PhD 2006, now at Enigmatics, Inc., College Park, Maryland.
  • Dr. Meidong Wang – PhD 2007, now at Inframat Corporation, Willington, CT.
  • Mr. Venkaiah Tipirneni – MS 2008, now at Prakasa Spectro Cast PVT Ltd, India.
  • Dr. Tippawan Markmaitree – PhD 2009, now at Lightening Energy, Dover, New Jersey.
  • Dr. William Osborn – PhD 2009, now at National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD.
  • Dr. Xuefei Wan – PhD 2011, now at Intel Corporation, Chandler, Arizona.
  • Dr. Yang Zhong – PhD 2012, now at Saint-Gobain Corporation, Northboro, MA
  • Dr. Jyothi Suri – PhD 2012, now at Intel Corporation, Chandler, Arizona.
  • Dr. Kyle Crosby – PhD 2013, now at Zeiss Microscopy, Peabody, MA.
  • Mr. Chuanlong Wang – MS 2014, now at Honeywell UOP, Des Plaines, IL.
  • Mr. Shaik Mohamed Imran M Ayub – MS 2014, now at C&G Systems, Lake Zurich, IL.
  • Dr. Jack Shamie – PhD 2015, now ECI technology, Totowa, NJ.
  • Dr. Monica Sawicki – PhD 2015, now at Weber-Stephen Products LLC, Palatine, IL.
  • Mr. Xuzhe Zhao – MS 2015, now at Tesla, Inc.
  • Dr. Ling Li – PhD 2017, now at Baker Hughes, Houston, TX
  • Dr. Qianran He  – PhD 2019, now at Nanoramic Lab.
  • Mr. Karan Sahni – MS 2018, TBA.
  • Mr. Zhepu Shi – MS 2018, TBA.
  • Dr. Zhao Ding  – PhD 2019, TBA. now at Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China.
  • Dr. Maziar Ashuri  – PhD 2019, now at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL.
  • Dr. Shan-ju Chiang  – PhD 2019, now at North Central College, Naperville, IL.

Former Postdoctral Fellows and Visiting Scientists

  • Dr. Mahmoud F. Zawrah, now at National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Dr. Ruiming (Ray) Ren, now at Dalian Railway Institute, Dalian, China.
  • Dr. Anping Xu, now at Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin, China.
  • Mr. Mohamed A. A. Ahmed, now at National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Mr. Tomoyuki Shimamura, now at Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan.
  • Dr. Chunhui Shen, now at Wuhan University of Technology, China.
  • Mr. Moustafa R. K. Ali, now at National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Dr. Chao Zhu, TBA.
  • Dr. Satyanarayana Emani, now at Kennametal, Latrobe, PA. 
  • Dr. Caihong Liu, now at Bettergy Corp. Newyork, NY.
  • Mr. Fei Liu, now Ningxia Middle Color Jinhui New Energy Co., Ltd.